Posts menu item displays a screen that lists all the posts in a tabular form.


This option provides ways to customize the screen in number of ways.

  1. Hide or display the columns by checking/unchecking the boxes next to the title.
  2. Pagination option allows you to choose the number of posts that you want to display per page.
  3. View mode enables you to choose from list view or excerpt view mode.

Once you are finished with choosing the required options click on blue colored apply button to make the changes in the screen.


Next to screen option is the help tab that provides an overview of the current screen and a brief explanation of management of post.


[] : The checkbox is clicked to select more than one posts to perform bulk action.

Title: This is the title of the post displayed as a link. When title is clicked it takes you to the edit post screen. The text below the title of post displays the nature of post i.e if it is a draft, pending or a password protected type.

"ID": This is not displayed as a column of the table. When the mouse hovers over the Post Title, the Post ID is revealed as a part of the URL, displayed in the browser status bar. It is a unique number that is used by WordPress's database to identify the posts.

Author: This column displays the author of the post. It is displayed as a link. By clicking a particular author link, the list of all the posts by the authored user is displayed in the tabular form.

Comment Bubble: It is the column heading. Each post row has this section where the number of comments for the post is displayed. When blue comment bubble is clicked it displays comment screen so that comments can be moderated.

Categories: Displays the categories as a link, assigned to the post in each row. When a category link is clicked it displays the list of all the posts in the table.

Tags: Displays the list of tags as links, related to the posts. When the tag link is clicked the list of related posts displays as a table.

Date: This column displays the "Published" date for each of the post.


Columns with headings title, comment, and date allow you to sort the table of posts in ascending or descending order. By hovering over the headings, up or down arrows appear. Accordingly, click on the column heading to sort the table post.


Below the screen options, the number of items displayed per post is mentioned. If the posts increase by one page of Posts then two double-arrow boxes (to move to the first and the last page) and two single arrow boxes (to move one page forward or backward) are provided.


In the right side, is a search post box where you can enter a word or series of the word to display all the search results meeting your search word.


At the top, below the add new button, there are links such as All, Mine, Published and Trash, that when clicked displays the posts of that particular type in the table.


Below the filtering options and to the right of Bulk actions, are one other filter options.


This is to filter the post month wise. The drop-down option allows you to choose the posts date wise. The default option is all posts which display all the available posts.


After selecting the option from drop-down, click filter button to apply the required changes.


Bulk Action option allows you to chose an option to apply on either number of posts or on all the posts. To perform bulk actions it is important to select the posts first and this can be done in number of ways:

(1) Select one post at a time: This is possible by clicking on the check boxes next to the title of the post.

(2) Select all the post in given table: This can be done by selecting the title in the header or the footer. By unchecking the checkboxes the reverse action will take place.

(3) Reverse Action: The reverse is possible by checking the unchecked or unchecking the checked option.


This action can be applied to one or more than one post simultaneously. Possible options include:


Bulk Edit allows the fields Author, Parent, Template, Comments Allowed, Status and Pings Allowed, to be changed for all the selected Posts.

  • Cancel - Click Cancel to cancel and abort the Bulk Edit of these Posts.
  • Update - Click Update to save the Bulk Edits made to these

Move to Trash: It will move all the selected posts to the trash screen.

Clone: This is to create a copy of post that is saved in the draft.

Quick Edit

Quick Edit is an Immediate Action performed on one Post by clicking the Quick Edit link under the Post Title in the Table of Posts. Quick Edit is just an in-line edit that allows you to change the following items--Title, Slug, Date, Author, Password or Private post box, Parent, Order, Template, Allow Comments, Allow Pings, Status.

  • Cancel - Click Cancel to cancel and abort the Edit of this Post.
  • Update - Click Update to save the Edits made to this Post.

After one or more Posts are selected, and after a Bulk Action is specified, the Apply button performs the given Action on the selected Posts.

  • Apply - Click the Apply button to execute the Bulk Action, specified in the Actions pulldown, on the selected Posts. Remember, prior to executing Actions, one or more Posts must be selected, as described before.