This screen list down all the available users in the tabular form. Each user is assigned with one of the available roles (subscriber, contributor, author, editor, and administrator). One can add new user, remove or can even edit the available users. The screen option available at the top of the screen enables you to select the type of columns that you wish to display in the table.


[] Checkbox: Check box is available next to the username. Click in the box to select the users on which bulk actions are to be applied. Check box in the column header allows you to select all the available users.

User Image: Next to the username appears the user image. This is either the image of the user or the avatar.

Username: This is the login of the user. To edit the user click on the username link. Moreover, when you hover over the row of any user remove and view link appears. But for the current logged in user remove link is not visible.

Name: It is the first name and last name of the users.

Email: It displays the user's email ids.

Roles: It is to display the current role of the user.

Posts: This displays the number of posts written by the user. By clicking on the number, you will be directed to the Posts Screen where you can edit or view the post by the user. Each user has a unique identification number which appears as part of the URL in the browser status bar when hovering over the post number link.


When you hover over some of the column headings, like username and email an up-arrow or down-arrow will appear that lets you sort the column in ascending or descending order.


If more than one page of user exists, then under the screen option two double arrow boxes to move to the first and the last page will appear. And, two single arrow boxes to move to the forward and the backward page will be displayed.


This tab enables you to select the options that you wish to display onscreen. Check the boxes next to the available options (email, roles, posts). Another option is of pagination that allows you to specify the number to list the number of items per page.


In the top right below the screen tab, is a search box. In the box you can enter the word, matching the fields in the username, name, email or role. If the word matching the searched query exists then it will be listed, otherwise result not found appears on the top of the screen.

Filtering Options

The links present in the top below the "Add New" button, filter the users. Available links include "All" link which is to display all the users and other links are the available roles name that filters the users as per their roles.


Bulk Action: This action is meant to be applied either on the group of users or on the single selected user. Once the required number of users are selected, then one can select the action from the pull down box. To make the action effective click on the apply button.

Immediate Action: This is the action that can be performed on an individual user. By hovering on the row remove and view links appear. But for the current user remove link is not display instead edit link will be there.


You can quickly add or remove the roles by selecting from the pull down box. To apply the actions click the buttons next to selected pull down box.