Screen Options

This allows you to add options that you wish to display in the underlying screen. You can add pagination in the screen if your form list increases certain number and you wish to show a specific number of form list on the single page. Simply you can enter the digit in the input box.

Apply: At the bottom left of the screen options area, click on the apply button to add the checked options in the scree.

Table of form list

List of forms created till date is listed in the tabular form. The titles of the table include following:

  1. []: Checkbox in order to select more than one form to apply bulk actions.
  2. Title: It is the name of the form with a link, that when clicked takes you to the editing page.
  3. ID: It is the unique identification number which is given to each of the forms. This number is visible as part of the URL in the browser status bar.
  4. Entries: Displays the number of entries in the form.
  5. Views: Displays the number of views.
  6. Conversions: Displays the percentage of conversions.
Search form

Below the screen options appears a search box, where you can write the word or series of words. Once the search form button is clicked you can view the list that matches your searched words.


You can filter the list of available forms by clicking on the links below the add new button. Forms can be listed on the following basis:

  1. All
  2. Active
  3. Inactive
  4. Trash
Bulk Action

You can perform similar actions simultaneously on more than one form using bulk action option. This option is available above the column header and below the column footer.

You can choose your required action from the pull-down box and check the boxes next to the title of all the forms where you want to make changes and then clicking on "Apply" button will make the changes effective.

Available Bulk Actions include:

  1. Mark as Active
  2. Mark as Inactive
  3. Reset Views
  4. Permanently Delete Entries
  5. Move to trash

When the mouse hovers over any row, it shows links that redirect to the different page. Available links include the following:

  1. Edit: Direct you the editing screen.
  2. Settings: This enables you to make form settings, confirmations and notifications settings.
  3. Entries: Directs you to the entries screen.
  4. Preview: Before saving the changes you can have a preview of it.
  5. Duplicate: Make a copy of the form.
  6. Trash: Unwanted forms can be moved to trash.