Add new page provides you an option to create new page for your website.

You can give your page more aesthetic look with Aione Design Options. It lets you customize header, slider, page title bar, page settings & footer for each page. Furthermore, you can add custom code for CSS and JavaScript. Another distinctive feature of design settings is that you can improve your search engine listing and Social Networks Listing. Each one of the features is explained in detail below:

Header Setting
  • Show Top Bar: You can choose to show or hide the top bar.
  • 100% Top bar width: Select 'Yes' to set the top bar to 100% of the browser width. It only works with wide layout mode.
  • Show header: Select Yes to show Header
  • 100% Header Width: Set Yes to set the header to 100% of the browser width. Only works with wide layout mode.
  • Show Logo: Enable the logo on the header.
  • Show Site Title: Enable the site title on header.
  • Show Tagline:Enable the Tagline on header.
  • Show Navigation: Enable Navigation on header
  • Main Navigation Menu: Select which menu displays on this page
  • Show Home Icon: Enable home icon on main menu.
  • Show Home Link: Enable home link on main menu.
  • Show Menu Description: Enable menu description on main menu.
  • Show Search Icon in Main Menu: Enable Search on main menu.
  • Drop down Menu Indicator: Enable arrow indicators next to parent level menu items.
  • Show Banner: Enable Banner on header
Slider Setting
  • Show Slider on Page: You can choose to show slider on page.
  • 100% Slider Width: Enables 100% Slider Width.
  • Select Slider: Select Slider for the current page.
Page Title Bar Setting

Enable Page Title Bar

100% Page Title Width

Show Title on Page Title Bar

Show Description on Page Title Bar

Description text on Page Title Bar

Page Setting

100% Page width

Enable Page Top Area

100% Page Top Area width

Enable Page Bottom Area

100% Page bottom Area width

Enable Page Padding

Enable Left Sidebar

Select Left Sidebar

Enable Right Sidebar

Select Right Sidebar

Enable Content Top Area

Enable Content Bottom Area

Enable Page Content Padding

Footer Setting

Footer Widgets

100% Footer Width

Copyright Bar

100% Copyright Bar Width

Custom Code

Custom CSS: Insert custom CSS for the page.

Custom JS: Insert custom JS for the page.


Search Engine Listing

Title Tag: 50 - 60 characters (spaces included)

Meta Description: 70 - 320 characters (spaces included)

Meta Keywords: Enter a series of keywords relevant to the page with comma sepration.
For eg: Wordpress, Theme, Page, Post.

Social Networks Listing: 

Title: Enter the title of your site.

Description: Create a description in few words.

Image: Upload an image

URL: Provide the URL in the input box.

In the top right corner, there are two sections one for Document and other for Block. The special features of each of these is explained below:


Status & Visibility:

Visibility: You can set the audience for your page. Different possibility includes (1) Public: It is by default and page is visible to everyone. (2) Private: Selecting this option will make the page only visible to you and with special permissions it can be visible to the editor. (3) Protected: Clicking on the radio button for this option, followed by Ok button will generate a text box into which you can enter a password. Only those who have the access to the password can view the page.

Publish: Click immediately link near publish to either schedule the page or publish the page at the same time.

Pending Review: You check this option with tick mark to add the page in the pending review.

Post Format: You can change each post look by selecting an option from the radio list. (1) Aside: It is styled without a title. (2) Link: It is to add a link to another site. (3) Image: It is for a single image. (4) Quote: It is to add a quotation. (5) Standard: It is the default format similar to the text post. (6) Status: (7) Video

(Check Box) Stick to the front pageAuthor: Developer or Administrator

Move to trash





Select category or add new category


Add new Tag

Featured Image

Set the featured image


Write an excerpt (optional)


Allow Comments

Allow Ping backs & Trackbacks

Text Settings (1) Font Size (2) Drop Cap

Color Settings: (1) Background Color (2) Text Color

Advanced: Additional CSS Class