Pages are similar to posts, but there is a little difference between the two.

  • Pages are neither categorized nor tagged.
  • The hierarchy of pages is possible, by assigning child pages to a parent page. This feature is missing in the posts.

This screen provides features such as editing, quick edits, view. It is also possible to do editing in bulk, filtering and search makes it further easy to easily search the pages matching certain criteria.

List of ColumnsDescription
[]Click the checkbox to select pages to perform a bulk action
TitleTitle of the page displayed as a link. Click to edit the page
AuthorAuthor name of the page is displayed as a link. Click on a particular author name to get the list of pages of that particular author.
Comment BubbleDisplays the number of comments for the page. Comments can be moderated by clicking on the blue comment bubble.
DateDisplays the dates for pages under the category "Last Published" and "Last Modified".
IDThis is not displayed as a column of the table. When mouse hovers over the Page Title, the Page ID is revealed as a part of the URL, displayed in the browser status bar. It is a unique number that is used by WordPress's database to identify the pages.

What more options one can enjoy?

List of options Sortable ColumnsPage NavigationSearch BoxFiltering BoxAll DatesFilterSelectionsBulk EditQuick Edit
DescriptionHover over the title, comment or date to sort in ascending or descending order.If the pages increase by one page of Pages then two double-arrow boxes (to move to the first and the last page) and two single arrow boxes (to move one page forward or backward) are appear.In the right side enter a word or series of word to display all the search resultsFilter the results in the category All, mine, published and draft.Filter the pages date month wiseClick this button to apply the filter changesSelect one page or all pages at a time or reverse the actions by un-checking the checked optionsBulk edit the fields of Author, Parent, Template, Comments Allowed, Status and Pings Allowed for selected pages applying cancel, update, move to trash, and clone (copy)Click to edit items--Title, Slug, Date, Author, Password or Private page box, Parent, Order, Template, Allow Comments, Allow Pings, Status.