Comments are the way by which visitors to your website interacts with you and other readers. It enables them to add their input on the topic, ask questions, and provide feedback. This makes the community interaction possible around your content.

The comment management system makes it easy for you to easily manage the comments.

Screen Options

In the top right of the screen, click on the tab to expand this option. Choose the options that you want to display on the underlying screen. You can select the column headings by clicking the checkbox next to the text.


This option allows you to select the number of items that you want to display on the screen. You just have to enter the number in the input field to get the required results.

Manage Comments

When you hover over any row, some links appears in the comments columns, which allows you to makes some quick changes.

  • Approve: You can easily moderate comments by marking as approved or unapproved the previously approved comments.
  • Reply: This link enables you to respond quickly. Just click on the link and an editor will appear where you can type the comment.
  • Quick Edit: This allows you to make rapid editing.
  • Edit: This link will take you to the new editing screen.
  • Spam: This is helpful while dealing with spam messages.
  • Trash: This allows you to send a message to trash.

The links available below the title of the screen allows you to control the display of comments on the basis of the type in the underlying table.

  • All: Displays all the available comments.
  • Mine: Displays only those comments which are published by the user of the site
  • Pending: Displays only those comments which require moderation.
  • Approved: Displays the comments that have received your consent.
  • Spam: Displays comments that are irrelevant.
  • Trash: All the deleted comments are moved to the trash.