Welcome to your Dashboard. This is the screen which you see when you first login to your account. Here you have the access to all the site management features. You can take help for any screen by clicking on the Help tab above the screen title.


The left side navigation menu provides links to the administration screen, and when mouse hovers the submenu item displays. The collapse menu arrow at the bottom, minimizes the menu to narrow icon strip.

Links available at the top of the screen provides connection to the front end of the screen.

Content & Layout

Content displayed is in the form of boxes. It is gives a brief information of the site.

  1. Activity: This displays all the recent activities like recent publication of the posts.
  2. Account: Displays the information of the account such as version, plan and pricing package.
  3. Website Content: Displays the summary of the website. For example Number of posts, pages, media, blocks, field groups, fields, slider. This provides links of edit post, add new, and export.
  4. Website Information: This displays the details of a website like Site Title, Tagline, Admin Email, Language, Date Format, Time Format, Timezone, Website URL.
  5. Forms: This displays the title, unread, and total number of forms created till date. You can click on view all button to view all the forms.

Box Control: Clicking on the title, you can expand or collapse the box. If the box is added by using the plugin then configuring option appears in the title.

Drag & Drop: You can rearrange the boxes, by simply clicking on the title bar and dragging them to the desired place. Release the box when you start noticing the grey dotted lines to place the box.